“More than anything, me being able to be home and help my wife was the biggest impact of TCI.”

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I took TCI when my wife had our son. My job knew that my son was on the way, and my wife’s labor was actually induced while I was at work. The labor process was really long for her – we were up for two days straight! That was an immediate benefit of the leave, because I was able to be there with her during that time.

When my son was born, I first took all of the vacation time I had stocked up, and I took two weeks of TCI after that. My wife took TCI and maternity leave through her work for 12 weeks. We were lucky, because the TCI paid 60% and my wife’s employer matched it to make it 100% for the full 12 weeks. It worked out really well, because at the end of my wife’s maternity leave it was around Christmas time. I filed for TCI that week because I had no vacation time left. I got approved, and that allowed me to start our daycare at the New Year instead of the holiday week beforehand.

TCI was very valuable for my wife, my son, and me. After the long labor process, my wife was wiped out. The leave helped me be there with her, especially during those first couple of weeks. She initially tried breastfeeding, and we were able to have a consultant come to the house. My son was also jaundiced, so we had a nurse come to the house with a bilirubin tank and explain the process to both of us.

More than anything, me being able to be home and help my wife was the biggest impact of TCI. Being able to get a routine set up and getting used to having an infant at home was priceless. It absolutely impacted our relationship – it was very appreciated by my wife for me to be home and involved. It also helped maintain our financial stability.

At the time, bringing a new baby home and having a way to take the time without suffering financially relieved our biggest burden. I wouldn’t trade that initial time I was able to spend with my wife and son for the world.

I found out about TCI from a friend from work who had recently had a baby. I had no idea the program existed, and ended up telling another expecting family about it. Every working Rhode Islander should know that this benefit exists for their families.

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